Praise The Lord!

God is so good!!! When I got up this morning I had a horrible toothache! I mean I was ready to take some pliers and yank that thing out myself! I'm so glad I didn't though. That would have been really stupid. But, just to show you how God works, after I took some Tylenol and the antibiotic (3rd day of taking it) my tooth started to ease up. Then by noon, the feeling of my heart pounding in it was gone! Thank you Jesus! I was about to throw a wall-eyed hissyfit!

I have an appointment with the dentist tomorrow and I'm ready for them to do whatever they need to. I have this phobia of going to the dentist. I freak out when they start up that little torture device of a drill. The smell of burning tooth is none to appealing either! I just hope they give me the "Happy Gas" and get it over with quickly. Before I have time to change my mind.

The icing on the cake for me today is my oldest son aced his THEA test. It's for his entrance into the local community college this fall. I'm so proud of him! We prayed and prayed for him to pass it and God did us one even better! He won't have to take any remedial courses because he did so well! Praise the Lord from who all blessing flow!!! God is so good! I'm amazed at how He continually shows us His loving grace on a daily basis. I'm so proud of Stephen because he really put his heart and soul into preparing for this test. Way to go sweetie!!! You did it!!!!!! I love you so much! Thank you dear Heavenly Father for such a wonderful young Christian man who is following Your will for his life!

His younger brother (only by 18 months) is taking his THEA test the 27th. Harold is another one of God's warriors. God has great things planned for these kids and I could not be more grateful. Please pray for Harold as he prepares for his turn at taking this test. I know that God will be watching over him, just as He has always has. What an awesome God we serve!!

Well, that sums me up for today! I have so much to be thankful for and it all started out with the verse on Living Proof Ministries. If you haven't checked out LPM, it's a must! Beth Moore is such a wonderful Christian woman who is like a mother hen to all her "siestas"(sisters). God bless her and her wonderful daughters for they good works they do. The LPM blog will lift you up and turn your day completely around.

Psalm 94:18-19
If I say, "My foot is slipping," Your loyal love, O Lord, supports me. When worries threaten to overwhelm me, Your soothing touch makes me HAPPY."

Isn't that awesome! Thank you to Beth for sharing that and lifting me up!

I hope all have a blessed day!
Your sister in Jesus Christ,

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  1. That is so good! I love hearing how God is doing great things in His children's lives....



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